Prices & Vacancy

Accommodation RM 160 pr/person (first night)

Pick up/drop off, tea/coffee and all meals included(guided activities additional cost).

Extension nights Rm 115 pr /person(all meals included).

Add on activities: Jungle trekking Rm 165, Jungle shopping Rm 70, Kayaking Rm 186 (all prices shown are pr/person).

3 Days 2 Nights Package

All packages includes all meals, drinks(tea, coffee etc.), pick up/drop off and guided activities.

RM 510 pr/per.

Day 1: Pick up in Kuching at 9.00am (or airport) . Arrive at Kpg Semadang where we take a longboat up to our jungle home. Go shopping in the jungle; join us on a walk around the nearby forest looking for vegetables and other eatable things. Have a refreshing bath before we prepare dinner from the vegetables we found earlier.

Day 2: Breakfast outside with the birds. Spend the day trekking and caving, we got a few different trails and a few secret caves that can be explored. Cool off in the river and just enjoy some cold drinks on the balcony before night falls and dinner is served.

Day 3: After breakfast, free at leisure. Maybe have a look at our small library; we got maps and travel books for Malaysia and south East Asia. Depart for Kuching at 10am unless any tours are added.

Extension available: RM 115 pr/ person a night.

We normally pick up at 09.00am from Kuching or at an arranged hour from the airport.

Children 11 years and below, half price.

Booking minimum 1 day in advance.

Maximum 8 persons (if bigger groups give us a call/mail).


Longhouse tour and Semenggoh Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre:

(only Semenggoh RM 60 pr/per)

RM 100 pr/per (including entrance fees, lunch, beverages and transport)

On departure day, we can add a trip to Kpg Bunuk Longhouse and see the Orangutans at Semenggoh Rehabilitation Centre.

Kpg Bunuk is located about 10min away from Kpg Semadang(our village), it’s a small but nice longhouse and they have kept their traditional Rumah Pangah(round house) where all the rituals got hold and the skulls where kept.

After the Longhouse we will continue to 10 mile a small charming town where we will have some lunch. If time there’s possible to do some shopping or look around in 10 mile before we head for Semenggoh Wildlife Center to learn about the Orangutans.

Male OrangutanOrangutansSemenggoh Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre

Waterfall and longhouse tour:

RM 180 pr/per (including lunch, beverages and transport)

Spend the day at a hidden waterfall in the middle of the jungle, where we can swim, relax, sunbath and enjoy our lunch. About 1 hour drive from Kpg Semadang(our village) and a short walk(about 25min) true the jungle there’s a beautiful waterfall surrounded by nature only.

View from the LonghouseWaterfallWaterfall jump

On the way we will stop at Annah Rais Longhouse, a touristy but yet a real longhouse. The people here is used to visitors and with an relaxed atmosphere it’s quite pleasant to walk around and learn about Bidayuh culture.

Because of the road condition up the mountain and the danger of flash floods, this trip depend on the weather and will not always be doable.





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